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You come first [1/6]

  • We have one of the largestcutting tool catalogues on the market: drill bits, threading taps, milling cutters, reamers, countersinks, etc.
  • Everything in our catalogue is stocked for Immediate Delivery, i.e., more than 600 different articles and more than 15,000 items.
  • That is why our service rate [lines served divided by lines ordered] exceeds 98.5%.
  • And we agree on out-of-stock delivery dates with our customers; we serve 85% of them in under 15 days.
  • All with a direct and personal contact with each and every one of our customers, with the response to respond fast to any need, however small.
  • Fast, reliable and efficient processing and handling of orders, offers and complaints.
  • 95% of queries, claims and complaints are resolved on the first call.
Really fast logistics[2/6]

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