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We are cutting tool experts because in 75 years we have taken a single step backwards. Never. We have designed, manufactured and marketed quality cutting tools since before Man reached the Moon. And we have persevered and persevered... and today Hepyc is a 4.0 industry with a presence in the most innovative sectors of production.

Million-euro investments, automated production, an ever-larger product range and steady growth on international markets. Hepyc is an iceberg and you've only seen the tip so far.

We are witnessing a new era of history. The world is changing before our eyes. The production industry is changing at a pace and in ways that our generation had never seen. For years, Hepyc has been identifying, analyzing, experimenting..., to respond to this new reality. Have you thought about the near future? About how fascinating it is to imagine new processes, new materials, new technologies and new industries? We can only say one thing: At Hepyc we're ready for whatever comes.


At Hepyc we're ready for whatever comes

Our facilities

Inside of the factory

Factory 4.0

Our modern advanced manufacturing centre is based on the Industry 4.0. concept. This factory is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and technology for manufacturing cutting tools and especially threading taps.

Our committed approach enables us to offer the market a high quality product, and both efficiently and productively, which are essential requirements if you want to be internationally competitive.

Laboratory: R&D&i department

Laboratory: R&D&i department

Our laboratory is equipped with leading-edge instruments for the design and quality control of cutting tools (Threading taps, drill bits and milling cutters).

The R&D&i department is staffed by highly qualified professionals who keep up with market trends to be able to develop new high precision tools for all types of applications.

Logistics centre

Logistics centre

One of our logistics department's key main commitments is to guarantee the quality of the service we offer. In our commitment to ongoing service improvments, we have implemented a modern warehouse management system (WMS).

Our radio frequency terminals guide and accompany operators throughout the order preparation process, allowing us to ensure that orders are prepared properly, both in terms of productivity and quality.

Quality policy

Somos una empresa experta en herramientas de corte que actúa a nivel internacional a traves de distribuidores, a los que apoyamos poniendo a su disposición nuestros valores.

Aplicando la mejora continua nos volcamos en la satisfacción de nuestros clientes, buscando además el desarrollo personal y profesional de los empleados así como la satisfacción de nuestros accionistas.

Nuestra vocación es crecer como empresa cumpliendo los compromisos adquiridos con los clientes, empleados, accionistas y entorno, así como los requisitos legales establecidos.

All our cutting tool design, manufacture and distribution processes are certified with the ISO 9001:2015 quality seal



At HEPYC, we are experts in cutting tools and we operate overseas through distributors whom we support with our design, manufacture, product, service and marketing know-how.



At HEPYC we strive to be a fully internationalised company, promoting the manufacture of threading tools and our brand as a comprehensive cutting tool solution.



A commitment to people, to delivering on agreements, to the company's goals and to the environment.
Integrity and honesty.
Concern for a job well done, and for improving and tackling new challenges.

International Presence

Because we haven't stopped growing since we embarked on our international expansion in 2003, and today are present in more than 30 countries and export 25% of our production.


Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Rumania Belgium, Greece and Russia.


Morocco, Egypt, Algeria and Tunisia.


Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru, Colombia and Mexico.

Asia and Oceania

China, Taiwan, Thailand, India and Singapore.

Middle East

Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, UAE and Saudi Arabia.

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