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Pol. Ind. Ibarluce 57 E-izq. 20120 Hernani (Spain)

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Hepyc regards technical advice as a cornerstone of our customer service.

From pre-sales advice, by making recommendations so that our tools let you do the job as satisfactorily as possible and get the best results, to our after-sales service, which will solve any kind of technical issue.

That is why we performance-test our tools on materials supplied by our customers, and analyse the material's composition and properties to see which is the best tool for that material.

Our after-sales service deals with all kinds of queries, and any machining problems that users can run into. Our qualified staff have all the equipment needed to perform any kind of performance tests.

Our after-sales service answers more than 2,000 queries a year.*
Average figures, 2010 to 2011.

At our distributors' request, we plan visits to the most interesting industries of each area.

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