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Ref. 29062

>800>1.000>1.200>1.400>950>1.200>500>800>1.400AlCuMg/ZnPlasticTiNi50 HRC55 HRC60 HRC

  • Vc (m/mm)
  • Best
  • Alternative

Technical Features:

  • Gauge Ring Go not Go
  • With calibration certificate
CodeØ (mm)L (mm)l (mm) 
29062010200NPT 1/2-14----1
29062010400NPT 1/4-18----1
29062010800NPT 1/8-27----1
29062011600NPT 1/16----1
29062030400NPT 3/4-14----1
29062030800NPT 3/8-18----1
29062100000NPT 1-11.5----1
29062110200NPT 1.1/2-11.5----1
29062110400NPT 1.1/4-11.5----1
29062200000NPT 2-11.5----1

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